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Looking for a way to brand your organization to an amazing cause? Here are some great opportunitites to help support the Ryan Lamantia Foundation.


Sponsor our organization- you can be an event sponsor or an official Ryan Lamanatia Foundation Sponsor. Contact todd@ryanlf.orgfor more information.

Use the GoodSearch toolbar at your business and use the Ryan Lamantia Foundation as your charity. Every search produces one penny that goes directly to RLF.

Use GoodShop when you make purchases for your company and choose RLF as the charity and a percentage of the total amount will be donated back to RLF.

Loan equipment.

Help with the costs of newsletters, invitations, flyers and other materials.

                 Include the Ryan Lamantia Foundationsmail in your mail outs.

                 Mentor our foundation with financial management, planning, marketing, public relations, computer technology, etc.

                 Assist our foundation to plan and run our event.

                 Advertise the Ryan Lamantia Foundation's event in your shop window.

                 Use your business premises as a collection point for our annual Toy Drive.

                 Encourage employees to contribute to the Toy Drive or attend Events.

                 Allocate the proceeds from the sale of a particular product to our Foundation.

                 Pass on obsolete equipment (but still in working order) to the Ryan Lamantia Foundation.

                 Provide in-kind donations for our silent auction.

                 Promote the Ryan Lamantia Foundation using your companies marketing or media resources.

                 Employees with particular expertise in management, financial or legal matters can advise or join an RLF commitee.

                 Use your shop window, office wall, signage, company vehicle or stationery to highlight our foundation.

                Share your business networks with the Ryan Lamantia Foundation.

                Encourage other companies to support our Foundation.

                Assign an employee for a specified period of time to our foundation to undertake a task or project.

                Place a fundraising collection tin or raffle tickets on your shop counter, reception area or staff room.

                Allow your staff to participate as volunteers regularly or once a year.

                Conduct an in-house fundraising event with proceeds benefiting our organization.

                 Provide a small percentage of the sale of your goods and services for a our foundation.

                 Include the costs of supporting RLF in your company's budget.



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